T-Matic Grupa Computer Plus

T-Matic Grupa Computer Plus is a long-time partner of IBM. Our main activity as a Silver Business Partner is developing and adapting of software for group work, e.g. corporate e-mail clients, social platforms, managing of competences and dedicated solutions like services for exchanging documents, invoices, holiday requests, error management in power plants, etc.

The presence of modern IT solutions in companies is growing at an extremely fast pace. They are mainly used to support and automate work in both manufacturing companies as well as public offices and research units.

Main goal of our software is:
•        electronic exchange of information
•        time management and allocation of resources
•        collecting, sharing and cycling of documents
•        assigning and evaluating of task
•        project management
•        full usage of Internet services and resources

Our team consists of the experienced IBM software developers and managers which competences are confirmed by many certificates.

For some time we have focused on modifying and customizing IBM Connections to the needs of our customers and integration IBM Connections with their applications. https://www.computerplus.com.pl/apps/en/ibm-connections.

Company website: https://www.computerplus.com.pl