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We all suffer from “data deluge” – sales teams trying to make sense of CRM, email and other data. Marketing struggling to keep up with social media and digital sources. HR wanting to understand what employees talk and care about. Executives needing to be in the know on a myriad of expert sources.

Sia is here to help!

Sia understands all these sources and types of data, and helps you make sense of them. We call this cognitive insights.

Add Sia to your sales, marketing, product, innovation or communication teams in any collaboration tool and get access to the power of A.I. & cognitive to conquer the data deluge and deliver superior business results.

Sia leverages the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) of IBM Watson and our own Opentopic Technologia Lab, enabling teams to better understand the deluge of public and private data coming at us every second of our professional life.