Don’t waste your time searching – 3 enhancements to turn Connections Cloud search into success

Customers in large multiyear construction site projects are using Connections Cloud Files as a replacement of their file servers. After years they are not guaranteed to find their documents i.g. for lawsuits because other users did not tag them.
We are introducing strategies to enhance Connections Cloud search capabilities through:

1. Auto tagging of community files (PDFs): Analyse Content using NLU to extract classifiers from the PDF files and assign these as tags.

2. Apply OCR to PDF files to insure they are included in full text search: Extract PDF files from Connections, perform OCR recognition and upload a new version of the file once processed.

3. Support search within mails and attachments stored by the mail client plugins: The Notes and Outlook plugin create EML or MSG files when dragging mails into Connections Cloud Files. We split these files into content and attachments and link them. Process these individual components by OCR recognition and auto tagging.

Case Study Cloud
Location: Breakout 1 - Green Salon Date: October 16, 2017 Time: 2:50 pm - 3:20 pm Manfred Meise