Don’t talk – Show me! A call to action for leaders at every level

In our interconnected 24/7 world, leaders are busier than ever. So the temptation when launching any new initiative is to make a brief announcement and dash on to the next challenge. Behavior change needs more – if you really want your people engaged in working together to add value to your business – you have to demonstrate the required behavior yourself. Is it scary for a leader to share problems and ask for help? Of course! but without your lead, the talents and energy of your people will be unfocused. This talk is a call to action for leaders and for those who influence them. At the end of the talk, you will understand why leadership action is so important and be equipped with strategies to get your leaders working collaboratively.

On Premises Spotlight
Location: Breakout 2 - Imperial Salon Date: October 16, 2017 Time: 3:15 pm - 3:30 pm Neil Tumber