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The Social Connections Team – who are we?

First: you have registered for Social Connections 10 in Toronto, right? Good. Then you can continue reading this post. We thought it was time we told you a bit about ourselves. The people behind this fantastic user group called Social Connections. So sit back and enjoy:

Sponsor highlight: panagenda

A sunny Tuesday is a perfect day to highlight panagenda as our Spotlight Sponsor! Be sure to visit them in their booth, and also during the Gala night at Hockey Hall of Fame where they are event sponsors. We are very pleased you are onboard and look forward seeing you all in Toronto!     […]

Sponsor highlight: TIMETOACT GROUP

Time to highlight another one of our highly valued Gold sponsors. We say our thanks to: TIMETOACT GROUP provides professional services for IBM Software, Microsoft Software, Google Software and open standards. The group includes the companies edcom, BLUETRADE, CLOUDPILOTS, novaCapta, TIMETOACT and X-INTEGRATE. With more than 200 employees, TIMETOACT GROUP is one of the largest […]

Sponsor highlight: Harbour Light

It is already March and we are fast approaching our 10th conference in Toronto. The planning for this event move very fast and we in the team work very hard to keep up. For example we are thrilled that our sponsor slots are filling up in a steady pace. As you know, this event could not […]